About me

Hello! I'm Danning Zhang, a Product Designer passionate about Design, Tech and Business. My design journey started in 2012 when I built the UI for a survey system in college. I was amazed by how impactful design could be when building a product that people love. After having fun in several other projects, I decided that I'll go for a design profession. To begin, I volunteered at a design studio and picked up Interaction Design skills. In 2014, I started working as a Product Designer in a fast-paced e-commerce company where I expanded my skillset into Product Management. In March 2017, I accomplished my Master's degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering from University of Washington. Now I am working as a UX Designer at Tableau on online products. Want to know more about me? Here's my resume.

What I do

Product Design
Interaction Design
Product Management
Visual Design
Usability Studies

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