A few taps, a great trip

This is an individual project inspired by my personal experience of planning the trip to Vancouver with my friends. It was hard to get the perfect schedule or meet everyone’s preferences without tons of emails and phone calls. I designed this mobile app to help group travelers plan trips more easily and bring more fun into the process.

Duration 1 week
Role UX Designer
Tasks Ideation, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Prototyping
Team Myself
Result Interactive Prototype


How can we improve the planning experience for group travel?

Project Drive

Traveling with friends is lots of fun! You want to go for the same experience while visiting places that you’ve been dreaming for a long time. However, when planning a group trip, it can be challenging and sometimes chaotic.

My Trip Planning Experience

For the trip I mentioned earlier, my friends and I started planning one month ahead because we had to get the visa to go to Canada. The planning was mainly completed by emails and IM. We spent a lot of time collecting ideas from everyone and splitting tasks such as booking the train tickets, exchanging currencies, reserving the hotels, etc. This process was really fragmented and not well documented.

User Journey and Artifacts

Reflecting on all previous travel plan experience, I mapped out the user journey of going on a trip. I also highlighted the artifacts that could be used during this process. I found that a mobile app could be a more feasible medium in planning because: 1. For intense iteration on a trip plan requires instant actions which a mobile app naturally provides. 2. The plan can be accessed during the trip, benefiting beyond just planning the trip.

Workflow & Sitemap


Visual Design